Top Three Benefits of Custom Designing Your Retail Store

Customers are the bread and butter of any retail store, and in order to stay in business, you need to entice potential customers to shop in your store as opposed to the competition. While national chain stores have the luxury of using the same design concept at all their stores, and basic fixtures to display their products, small independent store owners need to step up their game in order to build a customer base and get sales.

Whether you are in the business of selling art, cooking supplies, locally made gifts, clothing, or any product in between, the design concept you incorporate into your store will have a lasting impact on how profitable your store becomes. Here are the top three reasons investing in the design of your store will help you stay in business.

Attractive Stores Draw in Customers

Retail stores are everywhere and it is more difficult for small shop owners to draw in customers like a national retail chain store can. In order to catch the eye of customers and make them want to step inside and look around, your store should be attractive and unique. National chain stores can get away with basic cookie cutter layouts because they have an established name and reputation; small businesses need to work harder to pull in the customers and build a reputation for being the place to shop.

Have you ever walked by a store while out running errands and saw something in the window that called upon you to walk through the front door to investigate it further? The first step to drawing customers into your store is to create visually appealing window displays that showcase the unique and awe inspiring products you sell.

Customers want an inspiring shopping experience that allows them to envision how the item will look in their home, how it can be presented as a gift, and how it can be used or worn.

Once the customers are in your store, keep them interested with eye-catching product displays and architectural design. Customers want an inspiring shopping experience that allows them to envision how the item will look in their home, how it can be presented as a gift, how it will look if worn, and how the item can be used if it is a consumable or beauty aid product. The atmosphere of a store is not only expressed in the products you sell, but by the layout, display furnishings, and construction of your building. Create a theme for your store and stick to it.

A Custom Design Adds Value to Your Products

While big box retailers often sell mass produced merchandise at deeply discounted prices to get high sales volumes, an independently owned boutique style store has to get the most value they can out of each product they sell. An attractive and high class retail space instantly adds value to your products so you can sell each individual piece for a slightly higher price. Invest in the architectural design and fixtures and enjoy an increased bottom line.

The Design Tells a Story

Customers often go shopping for a specific item, whether it be a gift for a special someone, a new kitchen item, a new outfit, or even a new book to read. The design and layout of your store should tell a story about what you are in the business of selling so customers think of you when they go shopping.

If your store specializes in kitchen gadgets and food related items, create a bold atmosphere that inspires customers to cook and makes them think of their next signature dish. If you operate a bookstore, the overall ambiance should be warm and relaxing. If you sell beauty products, your store should have an open and airy feeling that mimics a day spa.

How Charles K. Design Can Help

At Charles K. Design we custom create unique retail spaces and product displays that are designed to sell merchandise. We are engineers, by trade, and use our creative skills to turn your ideal store design vision into a reality. Our furniture, fixtures, and architectural features are made of high quality metals, glass, wood, and other materials that are constructed using laser technology and state of the art machinery. We keep our production costs low so you can get the best value for your money.

Our design engineers will meet with you and come up with a construction and product plan that suits your needs. We will learn about your product line and the atmosphere you wish to achieve, and will then help you create a retail space that will make customers want to shop your store. Our design experts will show you 3D computer images of the finished product as well as create prototypes along the way to ensure you will be completely satisfied with the finished product.

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