Take Your Retail Props, Displays, and Fixtures To the Next Level

The goal of any business is visibility and increased revenue. Without it, your business is lagging in a very competitive industry. Retail dynamics like props, displays, and fixtures are all great in-store marketing tools that can send your business soaring. However, these retail resources can become outdated and need a face-lift to remain competitive. You don’t want your retail props, displays, and fixtures to just serve as functional tools. Today, engagement is what attracts customers the most. The following guide discusses how to successfully create an integral aspect for your in-store retail brand that truly works.

How To Take Your In-Store Marketing Tools To The Next Level

Retail Props. Your retail props give your customers a visualization of your merchandise. Tidy and curated retail props may not capture the attention of your customers or turn your design idea into a reality. Custom retail props can create a dimensional atmosphere in your store. For example, retail props with multiple layers of height can bring attention to key merchandise. Your in-store props should do a great job showing off your merchandise. If you’re retail props are successful, they should increase your profitability and do a substantial job in helping you reach your revenue goals.

Displays. A display should always be the focal point of your retail merchandise. Putting your newly designed display in the window is a great opportunity to take your retail vision to the next level. Many customers will visualize their purchase before there’s an actual sale. Customers look at your displays as inspiration ideas for the latest fashion. Therefore, creating visually enhanced displays should be one of your first goals to add enhancement to your retail store and build customer loyalty.

Fixtures. Your retail fixtures is an extension of the quality of your brand. Have you ever noticed the elegance of Tiffany’s or Nordstrom’s retail fixtures? Features like millwork (wood) as well as metal contribute to their marvelously crafted fixtures. Many retailers look up to retail giants and put their own spin on their design which is totally acceptable because you want your design to successfully compete with the bigger brands. On occasion, it’s good for your fixtures to go above the trend instead of being a part of the trend to entice your customers. Nevertheless, you always want your retail props, displays, and fixtures to stand out to contribute to increased foot traffic and revenue.

What To Expect From Charles K. Design

Charles K. Design focuses on beautiful, but also practical retail design. Our high quality products come at competitive prices. We specialize in making your retail design vision a reality. As a family owned and operated retail designer, we focus on custom manufacture and design for your retailer. Charles K. Design understands that retail props, displays, and fixtures can contribute to solidifying your ROI.

We’re known for utilizing the latest software including 3D technology. Our experience in fabrication and production give us the ability to create concepts that others dream about. We look for design ideas that will push the limits of our current production and fabrication. The highlight of our role at Charles K. Designs is partnering with our clients to create bring an idea to life. Some of our clients include Neiman Marcus, Armani, and Tiffany & Co. retail. Whether it’s artisan, a luxury design, or anything in between you’re invited to contact us  at Charles K. Design to bring your retail design ideas to life.