Retail Advantage in the Digital Age

The retail industry has been under fire for the past couple of years. As technology continues to advance and shopping moves to the Internet, many well-known retail stores are closing their doors and focusing their business entirely on e-commerce. They are finding it difficult to stay standing when many consumers would rather shop from the comfort of their homes.

Make no mistake – our industry is changing. But it is not going away. Retailers still have distinct advantages over their online competition, but it is more important today than ever before to leverage those advantages and create a customer experience that a consumer simply cannot get online.

How can you create an in-store experience that surpasses that of shopping online?

1. Provide instant gratification.

Many consumers like to shop online because it is a fast and easy process. They can simply check stock on an item, place the item in their cart and click ‘Buy Now.’ In some cases, that product can be delivered in two days.

If you want to continue to attract foot traffic into your store, provide the same seamless process. Make sure items are properly stocked and that you have the right amount of staff present to avoid long lines. An easy, instant purchase is more appealing than waiting several days for a delivery.

2. Focus on human interaction.

Live chats are helpful, but they do not compare to human interaction. Create a personal in-store experience by training staff to work with customers to understand their needs and walk them through the purchasing decision process.

Many online shoppers will order two sizes of clothing or different items because they cannot ‘try on’ or see the items in person. Ultimately this leads to the headache of making a return. Working with a sales associate in a store makes them more confident decision makers and reduces the likelihood of making a return.

3. Use creative displays.

The way that products are displayed in a store is equally as important as the products themselves. Making sure that the look and feel of a store is aligned with the brand is a critical part of the marketing and selling process.

Creative visual displays that incorporate the right colors and shapes are important aspects of the shopping experience customers have in a store. Looking to get started? Contact us and we can create a custom display that is reflective of your brand.