CKD’s Guide to Custom Design

In addition to constructing retail displays and leading major architectural build-outs, one of our favorite aspects of the job is to create personal, custom designs for our clients. Whether large or small, these types of projects allow us to truly leverage our creative expertise – and create something that is reflective of the client or brand’s personality.

When working on a custom project, clients often have an idea of what they are looking for but aren’t sure how to communicate it. Here are some things to consider (and questions to ask yourself) before getting started on a custom design project:

What purpose and/or function does it serve?

Is it a shoe display? A table? Something for organization? The first step toward creating any functional piece of work is understanding the problem that is solves. This will be the foundation for the project, and it is important for our team to understand the how and why it’s being created.

Where do you find inspiration?

Help us to better understand you and where you draw your inspiration. Some individuals find inspiration in nature while others find it flipping through the latest Architectural Digest catalog. We want the work we create to be as personal for you as it for us.

What are favorite colors, themes or palettes? 

Are you constantly drawn toward earthy tones? Or perhaps you prefer an industrial look? Let us know if there is a color theme that we should stick to when working on your design. Having this information will help to know what direction to stick with – and which direction to stay away from.

Questions about how to get started on your customer design? Send us a message.