5 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a New Retail Space

Retailers prioritize quality goods and services, but they sometimes overlook the essence of store design. When located in a strategic place, a retail space attracts many customers, and when designed properly, a retail space enhances the experience of customers. The retail space’s design should not only look nice, but should also create an environment that entices customers, encourages them to spend time there and ultimately make a purchase. Retailers make many mistakes when designing a store which jeopardizes their ability to attract and retain customers. This article presents five mistakes to avoid when designing a new retail space.

1. Poor lighting

This is a common mistake in retail construction. Retailers try to cut costs by settling for poor quality lighting. Bad lighting compromises the appearance of your goods at the display. Also, it damages the customer’s experience at your store.

Avoiding the Mistake.

Good lighting is a vital ingredient in a well-designed retail space. Ensure you select the appropriate lighting for your retail space that goes well with your product line. Good lighting enhances the appearance of your products and even draws attention to them. It creates a good mood, and happy customers are more likely to make a purchase.

2. Flimsy displays

Many retail spaces are overridden with unstable displays characterized by too many products, disorganization, and numerous shelving products. The entire display crumbles down with only one touch, which may result in injury and loss.

Avoiding the Mistake.

Invest in a stable, neat, well-organized, user-friendly, and compelling display for your products and customers will keep flowing. A good display attracts customers because they can see your products clearly while a bad one keeps them off.

3. Failure to conduct a thorough inspection of the space

Many retailers just consider the location of a store. They make the mistake of not inspecting the space to identify any hidden issues. The space may have poorly designed air conditioning units or incorrectly placed electrical fixtures that will affect your retail space’s design. Repairing such problems could be time-consuming and costly.

Avoiding the Mistake.

Ensure that you examine your new retail space thoroughly to ensure everything is in place. You can hire a contractor to help you scrutinize the space before committing to a long-term contract.

4. Spaces that are too cramped

Among the top consumers complaints when it comes to retail design is too cramped spaces. Cramped spaces make customers uncomfortable and ruin their experience at your store.

Avoiding the Mistake.

The secret to solving this mistake is proper planning in retail construction. Ensure you determine the amount of stock you will have at your store and get a retail space that fits it well. You can hire a designer to advise you on this issue.

5. Poor traffic flow

Disorganized traffic flow is common in retail stores. It interferes with the customer’s experience at your store. Narrow and twisted aisles are common in retail places with poor traffic flow. In such a space, customers do not spend much time in the store exploring or even buying.

Avoiding the Mistake.

You can hire a designer to help you devise a good traffic flow that enhances the buyer’s experience at your store. He will determine the best placement for racks, shelves, and display tables to offer your store a good flow. A smooth flow of traffic improves the customers’ shopping experience and increases the probability of purchase.

Retail space planning and design should be a priority for retailers. When your store is well planned and designed, merchandise will sell itself, but when it’s not, even the best products will sit on the shelves accumulating dust.